I will decide this year as to whether I will keep living overseas or head back to spend the rest of my life in my hometown with my family and friends, and my dad and uncle both passed away in the past two years since being over here and it is making me think about whether I should be back there spending time with them or being here to chase my dreams.

It is a hard decision because both mean a lot to me, but I’m not sure I can chase my dreams back home like I am here.

My Heating and A/C expert bandmate and I have a good chemistry playing music together, and if I leave it to go back and work for the local corporation back home I may never find that chemistry again. I don’t want to be living home without a purpose or direction just to spend time with my friends and family, and I have a good job here working at this local business I have a lot of fun playing music with my friend in air conditioned bars, so I think I will let this year guide me and tell me where my future will lie. Time tells you what to do and you can’t tell time what to do, so I will just ride it out and see where time takes me. I have some good Heating and A/C rep friends here and I like my job working for the heating supplier in town, but if my family is calling me back then we may have to head back to my flock.


Radiant floor heating

By Steve