As a girl, I wanted to achieve a lot in life. I wanted to have a good job so that I could help my parents. They worked very hard to take me to school, and in return, I wanted them to work no longer. I wanted to take care of all their need. Finding a good job after I finished school took a lot of work. I eventually found a job at a very big beauty parlor. At first, I was just assigned to be a cleaner. I cleaned all the equipment and ensured they were stored safely after use. But with time, I was given a better job. I was assigned to be the cashier. This was more challenging, but I was ready for the challenge. One afternoon as I was busy doing my job, I realized that the temperatures were very high in the beauty parlor. I told my boss about it, and she called a local service provider who offers a good quality AC service owner who sent a cooling technician. He discovered a problem with the electric heat pump, and he was able to fix it. After that experience, my boss decided to buy equipment for cooling for better climate control. She consulted a cooling specialist from a cooling corporation. From him, she learned a lot about cooling technology, and from there, she went to an HVAC business near the beauty parlor and bought new cooling equipment. She also found an HVAC contractor who installed the whole HVAC in a few hours. The equipment was working perfectly to help with indoor comfort. From that experience, I learned a lot about the equipment. As I continued my job, I was still hopeful that I would eventually own a beauty parlor. Working there made me realize how much I enjoyed being there.


By Steve