For the first time in about three weeks, we will perform in our band once more.

  • My bandmate is getting impatient to play again, and I have a good feeling that tonight will be fun as we do our thing.

At dusk, my friend and I are going to gather in front of this significant church and play a little music for the patrons there before moving on to this posh club. I think some of our friends might come see us, and one of them might film us so we have a video for promotion. Next month, we’ll receive payment from this neighborhood beach business to perform in their club next to their fireplace. Since the weather is starting to get chilly and playing outside when your hands are numb is exhausting, I am looking forward to playing more shows in clubs and getting off the streets. My bandmate is accustomed to asking for money when she performs, but I told him that I don’t want to do that and that she is welcome to play by herself and ask for money if she so chooses. I’m hoping that my bandmate won’t pester the HVAC technicians by requesting money because the HVAC contractor is going to have us perform in her store soon. I want to be sure that she understands that I won’t beg for money like a peasant on the streets because she was essentially raised on the streets and has an odd mindset when it comes to playing on the streets. And so, as we embark on this new chapter of our musical journey, I remain hopeful that my bandmate and I will find a harmonious balance between our aspirations and our differing approaches to busking.



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By Steve