During the Covid pandemic, I arranged my job responsibilities to work from home.

What started out as a temporary situation became permanent.

I absolutely love the freedom and flexibility of working from home. This arrangement eliminates concerns with rush-hour traffic and finding a parking place. I no longer need to worry about inclement weather and dangerous road conditions. I don’t lose valuable time on the commute or spend money on business casual attire. Working from home allows me to be more productive with my time. I’m not distracted by coworkers. However, I needed to make some changes to my home. I converted an unused guest bedroom into my office. I invested in a good quality desk and comfortable chair. I quickly noticed an increase in my monthly energy bills. I used to adjust the thermostat before leaving in the mornings. Five days a week, from around 8 AM until 6 PM, the air conditioner and furnace didn’t need to blast air to maintain ideal comfort. All of a sudden, I was heating and cooling the entire house all day long. While I was only occupying my office, every single room was kept at the perfect comfort level. It was costing me a fortune. I checked with a local HVAC contractor, and he suggested that I upgrade to zone control. The installation of valves into the ductwork and independent thermostats in each room has made a huge improvement. I can now target heating and cooling to specific rooms. There is less demand on the furnace and air conditioner. I can cater to room requirements, and I’ve significantly reduced monthly energy bills.

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By Steve