I have another hour and then my friends are all going to be at the beach and I want to join them.

I won’t play ball today because I have a tennis elbow and need to rest it some, but watching games can be actually fun and chilling in my beach chair is a nice way to get a tan. I will wear my big cowboy hat to keep the sun off of my face and maybe a long sleeved light shirt to keep the sun off of my skin while it is hot out. The cooling system in my flat is starting to run more and Summer will be here before we know it. I am planning on playing a lot of ball this Summer but only if my body is holding up, which it is having a hard time doing lately after all of the mileage I’ve put on it. Cooling and heating the joints actually helps keep them working, and not eating any sugar helps a lot with the pain. I’ve had so many injuries, and I know when that happens you have a lot of pain in the joints when you get older from the injuries when you were younger. I jumped off the roof of a local supplier one time with an umbrella, thinking I would float down like Mary Poppins, but quickly discovered that gravity hurts a lot and umbrellas are better for rainy nights. I broke my front teeth trying to carry a heavy heat pump that fell on my face while holding it above my head.


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By Steve