I’m glad after looking at the clock that I still have more than four hours to finish my work before my beach workout at 1:30 p.m. As soon as I finish my hour-long yoga session, I’ll start listening to my podcast to learn the language. When I listen to the Spanish podcast every day in this way, it really helps me learn the language, so I enjoy listening to it while I practice yoga. If I keep to my biweekly listening schedule, I should be speaking Spanish fluently in about six months. As I assist my neighbor who works as a Heating and A/C rep with some work for the supplier, work on heating and cooling equipment will be on the agenda this week. I enjoy working with the rep because we get along well and get to talk while doing the work about life and other things. At the heating corporation, my friend and I first connected and have remained friends ever since. We collaborate for a few hours once a week, and I always look forward to our time together because we have such a great working relationship and can talk for hours. My friend and I will be working together on a sizable commercial air conditioner project this coming week, and I am aware that we will be collaborating with a few other cooling professionals because this is a sizable project that will need many hands to complete. I’m trying to give my back a break over the next few nights because there is a lot of lifting as well.


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By Steve