I’ve been watching all the cryptos take off, even the one I had a bunch of, while I now sit on this dead duck stock that I was so sure was going to explode.

I should have stuck with this AI company I was with, but I got this bright idea to switch to a company that looks like it could sink any day. I need to learn to be more patient when it comes to investing and maybe that way I wouldn’t lose all of my money like I did over the past year. The local contractor was right when he told me to buy and just hold, but I didn’t listen and ended up losing all of my HVAC system savings from the past ten years. Imagine 10 years of saving money only to lose it in a really short time with impatience. Well, I guess my HVAC rep dad was right when he told me that standup comedians and skydivers make for some risky investors. I don’t think I would take any financial advice from someone who jumps out of planes for a living, they may be a bit too aggressive with the investment portfolio don’t you think? I will stick with ductwork cleaning and furnace filter sales instead of trying to do something that I have no idea about. In the end though it really isn’t a big deal because money goes out and money comes in all the time, as money is energy and that is how energy flows. I’m off to the local business now to grab a HEPA filter.


New HVAC systems

By Steve