Now that I am getting older, my joints are beginning to deteriorate! I was told it was a loss of the cartilage that is in between the joints. I didn’t care what caused the arthritis, but I did cherish how to handle the pain. I didn’t want to have a knee updatement. I saw how scarred my mom’s knees were from all the knee updatements she had done. I wanted to put that off until I was too old to cherish the scarring. I was barely in my sixties, & I still wanted to do marathons, and my knee healthcare expert told me they were doing platelet rich plasma, or what is called PRP in short, however they took the blood from the PRP recipient & separated the plasma. The plasma had recently been used to help heal patients. It takes up to numerous weeks for the healing to occur, but when the platelet rich plasma is sited in the joint, it helps to heal the section & the body begins regenerating the cartilage. I had injections in my knee, but it wasn’t platelet rich plasma injections. The injections made it taxing to walk, & my leg swelled up like a balloon. I still wanted to try the PRP injections. I talked to my orthopedist & she said she could give them to me in the office. I had blood drawn & then they used centrifugal force to separate the platelets & plasma from the blood. They use my own PRP & the PRP injections are sited in my knee. It took a couple of weeks for it to beginning laboring, but it worked better than a knee updatement.


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By Steve