This is my life in this town and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I don’t surf, but my friend Tommy does and sometimes I go and watch him ride the waves while I take my dip in the sea, and today he was getting some good rides while I sat and ate my dinner on a bench near the sea.

I will do some work now for a couple of hours while listening to some relaxing music, and then later tonight we are going to play music near the spot where the surfers are riding waves. Heating and cooling equipment is what I write about each afternoon and at night I put those stories to work by making songs out of them. We may be doing a paid gig in a few nights but we are waiting to hear back from the club first to make sure they like our brand of music. We sing about space heaters and funny things like that, as both of us work in the Heating and A/C industry and have a lot to talk about with the work we do for the business. We are making business cards, music videos by the beach, and adding new songs to our website. I know in a few months the local corporation is going to have us work a bit more when the winter season comes, which is good because we can put that money towards an RV that we are planning on buying for a tour around the country. I know a good HVAC controlled RV is all we need to make our dream a reality.


Heating tune up

By Steve