My mother contacts me about how to decorate different rooms in her home. She seems to think that I am an interior design expert, but while I do have a wonderful eye when it comes to interior designs and other ideas, I get most of my inspiration from interior design ideas that I have seen on TV shows or in magazines. I love those apartment makeover shows plus the Do It Yourself project shows, but lately, I have been obsessed with tiny homes plus how those smaller spaces are being decorated. I love taking those interior design ideas plus making them all my own. Some of those apartment makeover projects can cost thousands of bucks, but I am a firm believer that those looks can be recreated for much cheaper. I am not 100% sure when I became so savvy at interior design as it was never something I cared about while growing up. Anyway, my mom needed help decorating her upstairs half lavatory plus she wanted to know what color she should choose. I love many shades of gray, plus I feel that it’s a wonderful color to work with; Gray is used in almost any room as a base as the neutral tone allows you to pair it with just about any accent or color. At first, when I suggested gray to my mom, she didn’t love the idea, however then I explained how she can now use any color she chooses as an accent. Shades of yellow work very well with gray plus once I mentioned that, she was sold on the idea. Though I am not a pro interior designer, I love that I can help my mom with interior design ideas.


By Steve