It took time for me to suss out what to do with my life after graduation.

So, I went to work in the fast food industry while I continued to live at home.

My parents have never been the kind of people to push you into any identifiable path. They understood my struggles plus provided me time to feel about what I wanted to do. I got laid off from work, plus got a part time job doing construction. While there, I helped the roofers with a few small jobs. This was a huge commercial project, plus there were so many workers there. I realized that I was interested in this, although I was more drawn to roofing. After 2 months on the job, I went condo plus told my folks I’d be going to roofing school. That was about 5 years ago, plus I entirely loved my training. My wonderful friend Sam and I had industry experts who’d help us learn all about roofing, plus becoming a certified roofer. Then, it was time to find a job after I completed my education. Working for a roofing dealership has been quite fulfilling. As a roofing company, I have worked for both commercial plus residential roofing projects. Our roofing dealership specializes in roof installation, roof repair plus roof repair. In addition, we also handle siding installation for the homes we work on. I remember my first big project at the roofing dealership was a residential roof updatement, plus I had so much fun. All the roofers at the dealership are qualified plus certified to do the job. Sam and I look forward to meeting your roofing needs in the future.



Deck Construction

By Steve