When I looked into modular shipping container homes, I was thinking they would complete it in about a month.

It impressed me with how they made so much living area in such a small area.

Everything was compact and had more than one purpose. I bought the modular shipping container and the contractor who would build my home. We spent weeks going over the information he needed to create my modular shipping container home. We discussed everything from decor to the furniture, and even how I wanted the landscaping. He talked about a patio in back and what kind of patio furniture I wanted. He showed me a large screened-in porch, complete with rockers in the front. Everything would have a dual purpose. The contractor showed me where the BBQ would go, and the outdoor kitchen. I was excited to have my modular shipping container home, ready to move into. Two months later, I went out to the site where my modular shipping container home was to be. I was looking at a shipping container with some holes cut out, but there was no one there. I called the contractor, and he told me they had run into some issues with the materials needed. Another month went by, and there was some work being done inside. After four months, I was getting angry. He asked me to give him two more months, and I could move in. It took months to complete my modular shipping container home, but it was beautiful when it was completed. I never thought my home would be ready to move into, but now I have the nicest home in the area.

Modular Shipping Container Homes

By Steve