Well it is Monday and I hope you are having a good one.

I didn’t sleep again last night and am feeling kind of like a zombie so far, even though I know as the day goes on I’ll be feeling better and better. We will play music tonight on the beach at around 7pm or so, which means I need to be feeling good by then because I am the lead singer in the band. I also drum and need to have my brain working to do so, so I think I will take a break soon from a/c in the flat and go for a ride on my bike. I am supposed to train a boy in ball today even though I am not sure I have the energy to do so. I think the new corporation could do it for me because he is a volleyball coach and is not working at the heating supplier today, as I am the only one running the place for a couple of hours. I know I can get my work done in the next hour and be free to go relax in the sunshine and maybe even snooze for a bit on the beach. The weather is heating up and if you are at the beach for a long time in the sunshine it is a good idea to try cooling down with a swim in the sea for a bit. I know it is going to be hot later so maybe I will just stay out there for an hour or so and then come home to chill.

Hydronic heater

By Steve