About eight years ago, I got a modern dining room set from a furniture store in a neighboring state.

After shopping around in my own state for a month, I couldn’t find anything that I really liked. Then 1 of my fun coworkers suggested this furniture store plus so I decided to check them out for myself. And I am so ecstatic that I did! There, I found the most perfect dining room set I could imagine for my home. It had all the pieces that I needed, 2 sofas, a pop table, end tables, plus I even got a couple of wall pictures. Over the years, the heavy sofas held up pretty well, in fact, the only issue that I have is that the faux leather on the arms of the sofas is now peeling off. Aside from that, the sofas are in immaculate condition. I have considered just buying a modern set, however my mom suggested that I get them reupholstered instead. Of course I would only reupholster the arms of the sofas plus I would replace the faux leather with actual leather so it would last much longer. I am not sure how much this will cost, so I need to contact a local reupholstering contractor in this area. I don’t live in a neighborhood that has a bunch of reupholstering suppliers around. In fact, I can’t recall any, so I will need to find one on the internet. If reupholstering the sofas doesn’t cost a lot, it might just be the best outcome for me. I could replace the faux leather plus that will extend the lifespan of my sofa for another 10 years.


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By Steve