My acquaintance Kim has a side task that he does only on the weekends.

Kim buys seasoned and damaged furniture from yard sales, plus he fixes them plus then flips them for a profit.

Kim has been doing this for a few years now, plus although it’s legitimately lucrative, Kim is not making enough to quit his day task. I assume if he invested all his time into this side hustle, Kim could really be successful at it. One of the favorite things for Kim to do is to go to antique stores or flea markets plus find vintage wooden chairs plus restore them back to new. Kim also does this for wooden tables plus other wooden furniture. I am not a huge fan of antique furniture, but I have purchased a couple of wooden chairs from Kim, plus he made them look like new. I have them in my dining room plus I get compliments about them all the time; Restoring some of these wooden furniture doesn’t take him a whole lot of time as most of them are in wonderful condition. In fact, Kim has purchased wooden chairs from a flea market plus flipped them in one weekend. I am not sure why Kim got into this side hustle, however it’s a wonderful one to have if you have a talent for restoring old, damaged, and seasoned furniture. All you would need is a truck, a shed, plus the woodworking tools and materials needed to restore the wooden furniture. The overhead cost for this side hustle is quite low, plus the turnover is fast, if you know what you are doing, then either way, I hope that Kim continues with his side hustle plus can eventually turn it into a major business.


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By Steve