Time is getting shorter and shorter and I have about 15 minutes left to finish my writing, after which we will take a short break and I will practice my yoga routine. I’ll spend an hour studying Spanish after my yoga session is over before returning to my online work. After the yoga class, I have about another half hour of work to finish, and then we have a couple of hours to relax and think. As the summer approaches, I want it to be a fantastic one, so I’m going to give my body a little rest. Your back can get hurt from heating and A/C repairs, and since mine has been a little sore, I’m heating and cooling it alternately to promote faster healing. It’s getting better, and I’m confident that in a few nights, I’ll be back to my usual excellent self and prepared to play some volleyball by this weekend. Tonight while she works, I’ll drop by to see my lady Neus and chat with her while we both enjoy the air conditioning in her office. Then, after getting a burger from the nearby fast food restaurant, I’ll head back home to play with the cats for a while while I wait for Neus to get home. I’m going to have dinner with my friend by the fire and play with the cats while we listen to some soothing jazz on the radio. That is the plan for tonight, and we will go to bed by 11 p.m. to get a good night’s rest.


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By Steve