Jon and I met at a party and we have been dating for several months now.

He is a really great guy, honest and dependable.

He works as an HVAC technician and he likes to hang out with a couple of different guys from work. Jon likes his work, and is always impressed with the latest HVAC technology, so when we hang out with his friends from work, the conversation inevitably turns into shop talk. So, I decided one day that I was going to see what all the fuss was about and do a little research. It was overwhelming. I had no clue that there are so many ways to heat and cool your home, including radiant heated floors and baseboards. I actually did research for two days, and learned a lot about heat pumps and furnaces and zone controlled heating and cooling and a lot of it sounded pretty cool, not that I pretend to understand it all. But, at least now I can join in the conversations and ask intelligent questions. And I have developed a deeper respect for Jon. He must know a lot to be able to work as an HVAC technician and keep up with the latest HVAC technology. Working as an HVAC technician takes a lot more knowledge and skill than I realized. And Jon is also well paid and has an excellent benefits package. Jon is really proud of his job as an HVAC technician and he likes to talk about everything about it. I’m glad Jon is so happy with his job.

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By Steve