Having a furnace that malfunctions and blows in cold air, as opposed to the expected warm air, can be stressful to a homeowner just experiencing this for the first time.

However, this happens many times and should be something you are used to.

It is necessary to understand what could be going on with the furnace before rushing to call an HVAC professional to help. Some of the problems are easy to resolve since they only require keen eyes to fix. Four main issues often arise when dealing with a furnace. Most of these may be noticed during the annual tuneup process. First, consider checking the thermostat setting. The thermostat may be set On when it should be auto setting. Note that the fan’s setting is responsible for how the blower works and could explain the uneven air circulation. When the blower is set ON, it will run continuously without stopping, regardless of whether the furnace is working or not. Consequently, the air that gets into your home may be cold since the fan still works even when the furnace does not. It is also possible that the furnace filter is too dirty, blowing in cold air since it has to overwork to deliver. Usually, a dirty furnace blocks air from flowing through the heat exchanger, meaning that the air getting into the house is already cold instead of being warm as it should. To fix this, consider turning off the thermostat and checking the filter. In case it is too dirty, clean it or change the filter if it is disposable. Another issue could be with the pilot light. Check to see that it is on since the furnace burners will not light if they are off.


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By Steve