This is my last article and then I am going to do yoga while listening to my podcast in Spanish.

After the yoga I will listen to another 45 minutes of the podcast and then head over to visit my friend who lives just down the street.

After that, I will walk three minutes to the beach and go for a walk with my buddy and his dog. I like this town because you can bike or walk anywhere and save a lot of money on not having to own a car. A car needs lots of things like air conditioner recharging, new tires, and oil changes to name just a few. I think my car in the States was costing me about $700 a month when you added in the car payment and all of the other costs each month. I now have natural climate control as I ride my bike across town and I get some good heating in the winters from the hot sun above. It doesn’t get really crazy cold here as we are in a more moderate climate zone and don’t have to worry about things like snow and really long hot summers. Our summer is about two months long and we need air conditioning for only one of those months, using ceiling fans and small cooling devices the rest of the time. I like where I live and want to stay in this small town the rest of my life and just have a good enjoyable time doing so. I wish you the best of luck and climate control in your home.



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By Steve