March will soon be a distant memory after just ten more afternoons.

The town will likely become busier next month, which will benefit our band in that we will earn more money playing shows in bars and clubs.

Soon, my partner and I will get ready for the summer season and begin performing three shows per week in bars, which when the summer crowds arrive will pay us about $600 per week. Not bad for singing a few times a week and playing the drums. I’ll be able to pay all of my bills thanks to the money I’ll make playing music, so I can reduce the amount of time I spend working as a Heating, Ventilation & A/C tech for the neighborhood contractor. If I can make $1200 a month performing in musicals, then we can reduce the other work so I can devote all of my energy to the shows and make them fantastic. In the summer, my partner and I enjoy playing in these little clubs with air conditioning, and we’re going to lay the groundwork for playing in heated ski cabins next winter. In order to promote ourselves for the ski cottage shows, my associate and I are going to record a ton of videos of our performances and use the best ones. The fireplaces in the ski lodges keep us warm and they charge twice as much as the beach bars, so during the winter we will be raking it in. I’ll put that cash away so we can soon purchase an RV with air conditioning.

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By Steve