Sometimes we can get ourselves in situations in life which actually can test our resilience and patience.

I have been put in that situation this past year with my girlfriend and I splitting up and me being in a neighborhood where I can barely speak the language.

I have been trying to learn it the past few months and I think I am getting better and understanding what people are saying when I am out and about. I will keep listening to my podcasts each afternoon to help me get a grip on what people are saying in local companies around town. I know if I listen to these for a few more months I will be able to understand most of what people are saying and maybe even talk more with my friend Neus who works as a cooling rep in the store near my home. She is pretty and I would like to be able to talk with her more, but with my limited vocabulary right now we actually can’t say that much. Maybe when she isn’t working at the heating corp she could help tutor me in Spanish, even though I would have to ask her because she is usually busy doing heating component repairs and things like that. I am going to put on my podcast after this article and take a break to listen to some stories while I read the text. The cooling system in my office just kicked on, which tells me that the temps are heating up outside and Summer is on its way.


Local contractor

By Steve