TThe idea of a place so perfect that no air conditioning was necessary always fascinated me.

I had heard that such a place existed, and people naturally depended on the surroundings to stay comfortable.

This would be so good for me as it would save money on heating and cooling expenses without sacrificing my comfort. Little did I know what my boyfriend had planned for our last summer vacation. The weather was disturbingly too hot back home. I had set the thermostat to ensure I got the coolest temperatures, but nothing worked. What’s more, the AC in my house struggled to match our cooling needs that summer, and I couldn’t help but worry about the sky-rocketing bills that would come from this. I silently wished to go somewhere else to escape the scorching sun and unwind since I had taken a month’s leave from work. Unknown to me, my boyfriend had booked a three-week vacation to the destination I had always read about. This was a private island in one of the tropical nations that many tourists frequented in summer. He had been doing this secret project for a few months and waited for the perfect time to bring e in. It was the most beautiful island ever, with expansive sky-clear waters and white sandy beaches. The weather was perfect and calming. I did not use the room AC or furnace for the three weeks I was there. The weather was perfect both at night and during the day. Light rain showers made it even better. Unfortunately, with the fantastic activities scheduled every day, the three weeks elapsed too quickly, and we had to go back home. To date, I still dream of going back there to bask in the sun with no worries.


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By Steve