I worked as a counselor for a big corporation that was always busy.

  • The work-related tension and stress drove most employees to the corner, and they needed someone to vent and release their frustration.

Before my coming here, there were numerous cases of employees jumping off the higher floors of the building when the pressure intensified. The management and board of directors thus deemed it fit to bring a professional to help the troubled employees handle life pressures better. I was able to do this perfectly and restored the faith of many by helping them manage their expectations and work pressure. I loved the positive impact I had made in the last six months that I was here. Most of the employees needed urgent help, and we had gotten them into a therapy program that was helping them release their stresses. While I loved pretty much everything I did, one thing bothered me, and that was the fact that the air conditioning in my office was wanting. I always had the fan on whenever I had a client. I wouldn’t have to do this if the HVAC unit blew enough cool air into the office. Unfortunately, it seemed as though there was a rhythm of cold and hot air blowing in. I had reported this issue to the relevant department, and they kept fixing it, but it would come back after a few days. I needed my heating and cooling system to work for me to concentrate on my work. When I couldn’t take it anymore, I asked the management to look into the matter. Surprisingly, one weekend after I was away from the office, I was pleasantly surprised that a new AC had been installed. It turns out that the older unit was too old to work efficiently.


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By Steve