One of my favorite and beloved hobbies is to go to nearby flea markets, however perhaps it’s not quite a legit hobby because it’s nothing more than a shopping adventure… I love going to flea markets in the neighborhood I live in plus other towns that I visit. A flea market is filled with lots of treasures plus with patience you can definitely find some neat gems which are worth every second you spend searching, some of the nicest pieces of handmade furniture in my apartment were found inside random flea markets. In fact, 4 years ago while visiting a flea market, I came across an Amish furniture vendor who sold nothing however handmade furniture, and the vendor sold handmade wooden chairs, dining tables, handmade accent pieces, plus so much more… And best of all, each of the pieces was a one-of-a-kind design so no two were the same. I was so impressed with the amazing handmade furniture that I purchased a few pieces for my house. I got 2 wooden chairs for the dining room, plus I got 2 really cool end tables. I even found a couple of handmade pieces for my mother. Mom also likes handmade furniture, perhaps not as much as I do. The Amish furniture vendor is one of my favorite spots to visit when I am in that town. Aside from going to flea markets to find unique handmade pieces, a yard sale is another wonderful way to find handmade furniture. I once ran into a family where the hubby had built furniture from a shed in his yard. And because he had numerous extra pieces of furniture sitting in his shed, the family decided to have a yard sale to be rid of some of the handmade furniture.

French provincial manor

By Steve