Today was a fantastic afternoon.

Work was busy, which I like.

The main reason the afternoon goes by faster, then even though it’s the middle of the month just to get through to the end fast is great. The only setback I have is that at the age of 22, I still live with my parents. The other setback of living with my parents at my age is that they control all aspects of my life living in their beach house. They still have a curfew for me and they still expect me to not live a life of fun with my friends, going out and stumbling back home. They expect me to be the same little girl I was at the age of 9. I suppose this is a tough pill for them to swallow but I’m getting older but I won’t argue with them at all. I won’t argue with them because I live under their roof as well as they can say one afternoon, “get out.” I don’t want to ever hear that because I’m living rent free currently until I can figure out what I’m doing in life. Other than that they control the thermostat and the beach house in the middle of winter feels like an ice box. Today, I said it’s enough and went out and purchased a portable space heater. After buying it from the store my automobile wouldn’t start to head back home. It just sat there, maybe a dead battery, maybe something else and AAA said they won’t be there for an hour or 2. I didn’t want to wait so I grabbed my portable space heater and jumped on the subway train. I got a lot of strange looks on the train but when I got home, plugged that bad boy I felt so much comfort. I completely forgot about my automobile until the next afternoon.

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By Steve