My little sister is scared of numerous things.

I’m not sure why but she always puts herself in situations to be freaked out in.

Like she hates particular rides like the ferris wheel even though she continues to go on it but cries when someone shakes it just a tad bit; She is scared to be left in the cabin alone and if she is there alone all the lights have to be on. I remember a time one of the light bulbs blew out and she right away contacted the police thinking someone was messing with her. She will never go on a hike even with someone because she is afraid of a bear or wolf coming out of nowhere. But those types of animals are not native to our area. Then recently she watched a zombie film and she didn’t sleep for days. The cabin itself was getting frosty because she remembered one thing from the survivors is that moving to frosty regions is a better option of survival. So the central a/c has been set to the lowest setting for about a month now. Well, I should say there were about 5 hours when the a/c didn’t work and dad had to call the HVAC company to send out an HVAC repairman to service the unit. Those few hours were just the worst. If anyone heard her you’d think she was attacked by a zombie. She said to us that we should be thankful that she is keeping this family alive. I feel so sorry for whoever ends up with her later in life.


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By Steve