I am going to pound out all of my writing work this morning so that I get that monkey off my back.

Then I can go to the beach for my breakfast and swim and not stress about having too much to do today.

I am meeting with my bandmate later to talk about the direction of our band and get him to understand that if he doesn’t communicate better with me then we are done. I can’t be in a band where I am the only one voicing their ideas and worries while the other one just listens. HVAC installation is my work during the week, but on weekends I want to break loose and play some great music in clubs and local businesses. My bandmate has a lot of fear though and is holding us back from getting into those clubs through lack of action and lack of communication. I will keep doing my HVAC repairman work these days, but if my bandmate keeps staying silent then I will move on to another band with another cooling pro. He is so afraid of talking for some reason, but I am not a shrink and don’t have time to try and repair his brain, so he better pull up his trousers and be a man or we are done. The HVAC provider where I work has some other musicians there and they would be more than happy to take his place. I guess we will see what happens tonight and if my bandmate decides to grow up and stop being a baby boy.


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By Steve