My husband plus I loved to travel.

These past couple of years my buddy and I have done entirely well for ourselves so my buddy and I have been taking more holidays.

My pal and I treat ourselves to nicer restaurants plus hotels because my buddy and I are able to afford these things now. My pal and I don’t have any kids right now either so my buddy and I are trying to take luck of the time my buddy and I have together while my buddy and I have extra cash to spend on holidays, and however, going on overpriced holidays was not always the norm for us. My pal and I have been to numerous motels plus eaten at gas stations before. I remember one time vidily that was horrible. My pal and I decided my buddy and I wanted to take a long road trip around the country. So in order to save some cash my buddy and I booked really cheap motels along the way. All my buddy and I entirely cared about was seeing the country not where my buddy and I were staying. In this hotel the heating plus cooling system didn’t work at all. My pal and I were in the desert so it got entirely tepid during the day plus cold chilly at night. There was no air conditioner at all coming out of the vents when my buddy and I wanted to cool off in the room plus at night the heater smelled like something was on fire. I called the front desk plus asked about the heating plus cooling system plus they said it was like this in every room. I think you get what you pay for when it comes to hotels because now all the hotels my buddy and I stay in have a top of the line heating plus cooling systems.



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By Steve