I walk to work every single day.

I don’t live entirely far from work, it is about two miles from my residence.

It is nice to get a little bit of exercise before I have to kneel at my desk for eight hours a day, however during my day walks I normally listen to music or call a family member. These little things help to make the walk go by much quicker. The weather where I live is entirely mild and does not get too sizzling or too cold, so it makes my walks much easier. There are numerous shopping centers along the walk so I will periodically stop at the grocery store and option up something to make for dinner if I feel like cooking. The main reason that I walk is because I want to save currency, I don’t have a automobile because I don’t want to have to pay for one, but really walking is not so disappointing and I particularly appreciate it. However, last Wednesday it was a completely unusual story. I evaluated the weather before I left the house and knew it was going to rain. I brought my umbrella thinking it would help keep me dry. I turned my cooling system on low because I didn’t want it to get musty in my house, but, my little umbrella didn’t do anything to keep my sizzling and dry. I came loft dripping wet. It was so chilly in my house from running the cooling system that I right away went and turned on the heater. I turned the furnace up as high as it would go, but it took a while for the house to sizzling up. I am thinking about replacing my furnace to get a model that will sizzling up much faster.


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By Steve