I will write one more of these and then get on that blue yoga mat and loosen up these sore muscles. I have an hour and a half before my yoga client and I want to pre stretch before we meet so I can be sure to give a good session. I played a lot of ball yesterday and am really sore now, so loosening up the body is going to be a bit painful but also necessary. The worst thing to do when your muscles are sore is to not stretch them at all, so yoga is today’s agenda. Heating up the flat for my yoga is not going to be necessary because of the natural climate control of the sun beating down on my radiant heated floors. I don’t even need to turn the floors on because the sun is making them nice and warm for me so that when I do my yoga my body will be nice and warm. I get free HVAC from the sun heating up the floors and the room where I do my yoga, so I will save money this month on my power bill because I am not using the heating at all this month. And last month was the same too with the moderate weather we’ve been having, so my next power bill is going to be really low and a pleasure to pay. I’m sure the heat will become too much soon and we will be running the air con system again, which is still cheap because we have a system with a high SEER rating.

Heating equipment

By Steve