I have another half hour to go and then we get to take a little break before resuming my work for another 45 minutes.

My friends are going to play at the beach in an hour and I think I will go out there half an hour after that because they are usually late.

I know I will just watch them play because later today we are playing music and I want to save my shoulders. I have been having a streak of terrible nights of sleep for some reason and I am thinking maybe it is my shoulders. Climate control systems keep me cool at night and I should be sleeping fine, but something in my life is bothering me and I need to maintain it so I can get back to sleeping well beside my little media air cleaner in the bedroom. My sleep kind of comes in waves with months at a time of good sleep followed by a couple of months of terrible sleep. It could be that with Summer coming my room is heating up too much and I need to run the cooling system more than I have been. I think that if I set the unit to 75F at night, that may be a bit too hot for my sleep, so now I will adjust it a bit lower and see how that works. I have a small a/c unit in my room and I think I will fire it up tonight to see if I sleep better with a colder room and better air quality.

Zone controlled HVAC

By Steve