My hubby Jim is a handyman, plus Jim likes everything about his task.

As a handyman, Jim is consistently hauling seasoned stuff from people’s homes plus unfortunately, some of that crap winds up inside his work shed in our backyard. Jim has brought apartment seasoned washer plus dryer units, dishwashers, dinette sets, sod laying machines, plus so much more. And while some of the stuff is junk plus need to be discarded, Jim has also had a few pieces that are now inside our home. A few years ago, Jim fixed a dishwasher for a guy plus it turns out that guy made handmade furniture from a shop in his backyard! Jim was so impressed with all the handmade chairs that he purchased 4 of them on that day. The handmade chairs are now sitting inside 2 of the dining rooms in my house. The chairs are really wonderful accent pieces, plus I must divulge that I love them. Since that point, Jim has hired this guy to build custom made furniture for him, and our drop-top pop table was custom built by the guy plus so was the headboard for our master room. This dude is really talented plus the silly part about it is that he only does this as a hobby. He isn’t trying to make important profits from his handmade furniture, in fact, he has given us a couple of nice pieces for free because Jim has been a loyal customer. I love that my associate and I have numerous nice pieces of handmade furniture in my apartment because they’re unlike anything that you will find in any store. Finding this guy was perhaps one of the best rewards from Jim’s task.



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By Steve