We were supposed to play music last night even though I was so tired from a few nights of little sleep that I had to cancel. We did get some work done though in the flat getting business cards made and getting our music video started. I think that counts as work too so it wasn’t a total waste of a night, even though I was so tired that by the time the clock struck 10pm I was already in bed reading my book getting ready for sleep. I slept pretty well last night, maybe about seven hours, and my air conditioner was honestly helpful in getting me to sleep well. It’s been getting warmer and warmer each afternoon and we are finally to the point where fans are not cooling me down enough anymore. Today is the 23rd of May and I think we will be running the air conditioning from here on out, at least at night when it comes to sleeping well, which also helps with the air quality because we have HEPA filters installed in all of the units requiring them. Today is Monday and I will work for another 30 or so minutes and then take a break for a little while and get outside to see what is shaking. The local business is open today and we will go there later to get some business cards made for our band and begin handing them out to the climate controlled places in town so we can do shows in them this summer. Stay cool and have fun.

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By Steve