My buddy, who plays guitar in my band, is living in a nearby city and we don’t get to practice as much as I would like.

He has a lot of problems, most of which he creates on his own, and he doesn’t think he has the time to practice because he is so “busy”.

A lot of that business is coming from his mind thinking too much and being preoccupied with those thoughts, which is why he feels he has no time to practice. I think he needs a good dose of meditation to quell those thoughts. The local business near me has a meditation class and I think he should go there and sit under the quiet hum of the air purifier and let go of all of those needless thoughts that are taking up all of his time and energy. Either that, or we should just play more music and quiet the thoughts that way, instead of sitting at home thinking how bad things are in life. I want to do some shows at the heating corp near me, but I need him to be on the same page as I am, and get his HVAC tech brain leaning into music again so we can make some headway with this band of ours. We have made some great songs but I can’t do it without him and I need his brain to be more focused on the future instead of dwelling on past mistakes or whatever. I do a/c repair service all day while he sits home and thinks about how bad life is.




By Steve