I have about seven more months to get this band moving in the right direction or I am going to go back home to the States to be back with my herd.

It is not easy going out on your own and leaving the shelter of your family and long time friends, but that is what I did in pursuit of my dreams of performing standup comedy.

I am so happy I made the leap into the performing arts because life was getting bland without it, and now I’ve had all these experiences that I never would have. My HVAC business back home kept me locked in that area for many years, but back in 2005 I decided that I didn’t want to be a heating tech for the rest of my life and left the industry to do comedy. I’ve since switched over to music and am liking what I did, I just need some more time to find my voice and to make more songs. My bandmate is a cooling rep and is going to also leave his job for the new contractor in town to focus all of his energy on music. He is living in a nearby city but will be moving back to this town so that we can practice more regularly and make some headway. I want to go back home one day soon to see mom and sit by her fireplace as she makes dinner for us and we hang out and keep warm in the climate controlled house she lives in by the beach.

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By Steve