I live in the northeastern region of the country and the summers here are officially warm but not super humid.

Sometimes we will experience heat waves that come with humidity.

Some days are hotter than others, but for the most part the summers are lovely. The winters here are entirely brutal so I always look forward to summertime. I do have central heating and A/C in my home because I entirely need the central heating in the winter time time. I also have a fireplace and radiant radiant floors which absolutely come in handy during those frosty months. I try my best not to run the central A/C in the summer time so I can save as much currency as possible. I am trying to open my own company so it is essential that I do not spend unnecessary funds. There are absolutely some moments in the summer time where I feel like I want to turn the central A/C on because my loft gets so warm. I started to research products I can purchase to stay cool and avoid using central A/C. I did some research online and found a portable A/C with amazing reviews. I decided to purchase the portable A/C because it was on sale. When it arrived, I learn that it also had a built in fan and dehumidifier which I thought was absolutely cool. I entirely enjoy how my portable A/C is working. Whenever it is a absolutely warm afternoon, I transfer my portable A/C to the room I am hanging out in. It keeps me nice and cool on warm days!

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By Steve