I find it difficult to fall asleep without the A/C or at least a fan blowing

One of the coolest trips I ever went on was one to an eco-home a few years ago. The eco home was located in a remote locale plus was self sustained. The owners put a lot of labor into building the space out of the materials that were available. My wonderful friend and I were easily happy to stay at the eco-home plus knew that my friend and I would not have electricity for a few days. Being off the grid is always wonderful for a reset for those who live a busy life. The only thing I was anxious about was knowing that there were no fans or AC. The lack of A/C in the eco home was not something that went lightly. A lot of people said that they had a difficult time sleeping plus adapting, however that in the end, it was all worth it. It’s essentially camping in the jungle plus the lack of A/C can be a frightening thought. At first, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do the eco-cabin. There is one thing that I worry about when it comes to not having A/C plus that is sleeping. I find it difficult to fall asleep without the A/C or at least a fan blowing. I know that a few days of not having it would make me appreciate it more when I got back to normal AC. I am not anxious about being too hot, I am mostly anxious about losing sleep due to lack of AC.
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By Steve