There is nothing I dislike more than going to a late class at night.

I particularly dislike when the instructor keeps us late and I do not want to be there particularly late.

The worst part is that he has class in a room that is regularly freezing cold. I regularly come to class prepared to be freezing with extra clothes. It seems like these clothes are never enough though. I still feel the freezing air conditioning blowing on me. The worst part is that it is becoming freezing outside and the air conditioning is still on. There is no need for the air conditioning to still be on. I do not think they realize that they could be saving a ton of money by turning off the air conditioning! By keeping the air conditioning running when it is not needed is not great for the system either. The system is running longer and doing more work. By keeping it running the system will break down more easily. It could also have a shorter lifespan if it keeps running like that. They will end up having to buy a new air conditioning equipment sooner. The students who have class in there eventually may be left without air conditioning if the college decides to not replace the air conditioning instantaneously. Then, students will be covered in sweat in a classroom that is way too hot. That classroom will never be comfortable. I hope that they realize soon they need to turn the air conditioning off because I cannot lay being in this classroom any longer.

cooling specialist

By Steve