It didn’t take me even 48 hours to fall madly for the whole home air cleaner that my pal Ed and I had installed by the Heating as well as Air Conditioning pros.

Initially, I wasn’t so wild about the thought of having an UV air purifier.

That’s because the only 1 I can remember was the sort that my Dad had when she was dealing with some bad respiratory problems. This UV air purifier was the sort that traps as well as removes all airborne contaminants from the air. But it only works on a certain amount of air volume. So wherever my Dad was, she had to drag that UV air purifier around with her. And of course, it was up to me to be the 1 who had to clean the air filter. This was a chore that was pretty much a constant thing if not more often. Between cleaning the air filter as well as tripping over that UV air purifier, I had a very bad taste in my mouth when it came to air purification. But Ed was right. Ed and I simply had to do something about the indoor air quality; For sure, Ed and I wanted to improve the indoor air quality for our health. Yet, it was the indoor stinks that actually forced my hand when it came to going with air purification. We had tried all the other masking agents that helped however only lasted mere minutes really. So I got my head around the fact that Ed and I would have an UV air purifier in the house. Well the whole home air cleaner is far better than a portable UV air purifier. It stays put inside the Heating as well as Air Conditioning equipment where it constantly cleans the air. And there are no air filters to clean!


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By Steve