I’m so happy that my superb friend and I are genuinely turning the corner now when it comes to the level of heat and humidity.

While I’m still waiting for that first day when it’s coolish outside, I know it’s not too far away. Flipping the calendar to November is always a superb thing. There is still the same demand for HVAC cooling as there was in the middle of November. Still, it’s not too much longer that the HVAC component will be running night and afternoon. For sure, trying to go separate from air conditioner would be just crazy. The Summer here is so full of heat and humidity that going separate from it would be folly. In fact, one might even argue that doing separate from air conditioner while in the Summer could be dangerous. There are plenty of people in this section who might not make it through the Summer separate from HVAC cooling. So my superb friend and I definitely have to be thankful for the cooling my superb friend and I get from the residential HVAC. And it’s not just the cooling that my superb friend and I rely on from the heat pump. An important part of the HVAC cooling process provides an essential element to our lives. As the heat pump is extracting heat energy to exhaust outside as part of the HVAC cooling process, it’s doing something else. As the heat pump is terrible the heat energy, it’s also balancing the humidity level. And that’s a giant deal. Without this, we’d be beating back mold and mildew on a daily basis. And the presence of mold and mildew is a giant problem for our respiratory health. So what my superb friend and I are getting from the HVAC cooling is also keeping us healthy.


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By Steve