I am going through my mind to figure out what today’s agenda is going to be with this big Pride celebration in town because the streets will be slammed and we won’t have a place to play in the band.

There is another town about ten minutes on the train from here and maybe we should go play over there because it will be more manageable there for playing in the streets.

We can make some good money, basically spending money and food money, playing in the streets each weekend. I just want to practice in a climate controlled place, be that an air conditioned bar or a shaded spot in the street, and make new songs to put on our site to see how our HVAC tech followers like them. So today I am trying to figure out a plan for later and where we should play, but for now I need to get my work done online like a good boy should. I will clean my HEPA filter at some point, and maybe I will hit the HVAC business down the road and buy a new washable filter for my HVAC system. I had a good day yesterday with my investing and made like $200, but that could drop like a rock today as I’ve seen it happen over and over. I am using my fan right now for climate control in my office but I think the temps are going to get really up there later and warrant a bit of air conditioning in this place. Have a good one!

zone controlled hvac

By Steve