I hate when I go to visit my boyfriend and I have to leave. I always have such a nice time with him, I hate that he lives so far away. I just want to be with him all of the time. I always want to be with him especially when there are hard times. He is my stress relief and my comfort zone. I look to him for comfort when I am stressed out. Unfortunately I have to live without him for the next couple of weeks again. When I got home from visiting him I was welcomed home with a nice surprise, it was nothing but a freezing cold house. I went to turn the heat on right away. I figured since I went away I must have turned it off. I usually do not do that since I am never gone long. I waited for the house to heat up but it never happened. I went back to the thermostat and the temperature just kept on getting colder. I called a local HVAC business in my town. I told them my issue and that they would be over right away. When it is cold out and there is not heat, it is vital to get to fixed. Things like the pipes could freeze. If they freeze too much and expand they could bust. It would cause my house to flood with the water that fills the pipes. It would not be pleasant. Right then while I was going through this I just kept thinking about being back with my boyfriend, I really needed him to comfort me. I couldn’t believe that this was happening.


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By Steve