My husband and I are ready to purchase a new home and we have been looking pretty hard.

We know exactly how many bedrooms and bathrooms we want and are open to ways to heat and cool our new home.

We have seen at least ten places and it amazes me how many different ways there are to heat and cool a house. Most of the places that we have looked at have some type of central air conditioning but one place we looked at had an addition that had something called a ductless mini-split heating and air conditioning system. I had never seen one before. But, with as many ways as there are to cool the home, there are even more ways to heat it. Most of the houses that we looked at had some type of forced heat furnace system, but we came across some other home heating systems, like radiant heated floors and baseboards. I had heard of radiant heated floors but I had never considered them as a way to heat the home. And I had never heard of heated baseboards before. The last house we looked at had a geothermal heat pump. I don’t understand quite how it works, but from what my husband explained to me, the geothermal heat pump uses the heat underground to heat and cool the home. It’s supposed to be really energy efficient and last about 50 years. That house also has a fireplace. I would love to have a fireplace! We put an offer in for that house and I pray it gets accepted.


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By Steve