When my superb friend and I started thinking seriously about building a custom home, my superb friend and I knew that this wasn’t something to take lightly.

While my spouse and I had never built a home, we’d known plenty of people who had. And there wasn’t a single case where there weren’t a myriad of challenges. But what started out as sort of dreaming out loud inside the quality heating and air of our home, hastily became a reality. Once the youngsters were out of the house, our design dreams got formalized by an architect. And I suppose once that was done, my superb friend and I knew that my superb friend and I were in for the ride. Soon after, my superb friend and I updated the heating and cooling component in our family condo and sold it. That was quite an experience in its self. And going from the giant home to a 2 bedroom home was also a challenge. When it came to the heating and cooling of our new home, my superb friend and I wanted the latest in residential HVAC. Going through the HVAC update for the seasoned home introduced us to all the advances in HVAC technology. Thankfully, my superb friend and I also found the right HVAC company for the task as well. This woman came in and genuinely listened to our heating and cooling needs and ideas. She molded those into the sort of quality heating and air system that my superb friend and I prefer today. Our new home is awesome. I prefer that it’s more than half the size of the seasoned condo and much, much easier to maintain. Plus, the heating and cooling is simply superb. For sure, the HVAC company did an excellent task on our condo and my superb friend and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the results.

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By Steve