I hate having to go to my dentist; It’s not that I don’t like getting medical procedures done, it’s the cost of having to go.

I have medical insurance, but it’s still $100 almost every single time I see my dentist; Once a year I get a discount on my co-pay through getting a free physical.

In this case the “free” genuinely just means $50 instead of $100, however still I hadrather pay $50 than $100 any day of the week; At least I have a wonderful dentist too! He prescribes me all of the medications I need without trying to get me to change. Some dentists are genuinely bad about wanting to put patients on odd med schedules at random times, then they feel that if something is not laboring instantly, that means they need to change it up and put the patient on odd medications, however recently I had a pretty bad visit at the dentist’s office. The air conditioner wasn’t laboring at all the entire time I was there. It’s genuinely uncomfortable being at the dentist when the a/c is not even on. I feel they could have canceled that day but then they would have had to reschedule everybody who had appointments. That’s when I found out that they had already tied up to get the Heating and Air Conditioning corporation there for a repair job done. In fact, they told me that instead of just getting the air conditioner repaired, they were going to get a new air conditioner all together. That meant that the dentist’s office would have a new Heating and Air Conditioning system all together. I am always happy if my dentist’s office is going to have a new air conditioner. At least I won’t be sweltering in there during the Summer heat. And then in the winter time they will have a warmer furnace as well.

a/c rep

By Steve