This week is a big day of writing for me plus I am going to challenge myself to knock out 16 articles before the end of the day. My associate and I are going on a roadtrip in a few afternoons plus I want to get these articles done before my associate and I leave so I can have a couple of afternoons off, however i am going to go to the mountains with my friends for a few afternoons of rest plus also to talk with some clubs to see if my associate and I can do shows there. I also need to talk to my bandmate plus do a/c repair with him, as she is a certified HVAC tech plus my associate and I have some work to do up there on the lodge’s system. I don’t plan on laboring a lot up there but I want to get the system running so my associate and I can stay warm, as it is still April plus the weather there can be bitterly cold now. I think my associate and I have some wood for the fireplace plus can find more in the woods, if not my associate and I can use the central boiler to stay warm but it does cost a lot to run the thing plus I am not even sure if it is running well or not. I think when my associate and I get up there my associate and I can test run the thing to see what kind of heat it is putting out, if any. My friend has been laboring on heating plus cooling systems for a long time plus I am confident my associate and I can get the thing laboring in no time flat.


air conditioner tune-up

By Steve