My buddy, who plays guitar in my band, is living in a nearby city & we don’t get to practice as much as I would like.

He has a lot of issues, most of which he creates on his own, & he doesn’t know he has the time to practice because he is so “busy”.

A lot of that contractor is coming from his mind thinking too much & being preoccupied with those thoughts, which is why he feels he has no time to practice. I know he needs a superb dose of meditation to quell those thoughts, and the local contractor near me has a meditation class & I know he should go there & rest under the quiet hum of the air cleaner & let go of all of those needless thoughts that are taking up all of his time & energy. Either that, or we should just play more songs & quiet the thoughts that way, instead of resting at household thinking how bad things are in life. I want to do some shows at the heating corp near me, but I need him to be on the same page as I am, & get his Heating & Air Conditioning tech brain leaning into songs again so we can make some headway with this band of ours; We have made some good songs but I can’t do it separate from him & I need his brain to be more focused on the future instead of household on past mistakes or whatever. I do air conditioner service service all day while he sits household & thinks about how bad life is.

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By Steve