Ed should have been more careful

My kid Ed doesn’t know he should be held responsible when he ‘accidentally’ does disfigurement to the house. Ed thinks that since he lives with us, my friend and I should spend money for everything. Last year, my spouse plus I were visiting the shore on the 4th of June. My son Ed, being twenty-five, should have been capable of staying home alone. Ed wasn’t a teenager, plus my friend and I thought he could be an adult. We were wrong. Ed invited a bunch of people to our house, plus they were setting off fireworks. No one was watching where the fireworks were landing after going off in the air, but my friend and I knew where they landed; Our buddy plus best friends called us to tell us the fire corporation was at our house. The fireworks landed on the roof of the home plus set the shingles on fire. Luckily, they had all our info plus called us immediately. I called Ed plus told him to call the insurance dealer, however he waited until my friend and I got home. I had to have a better roof on the house, plus he was fortunate the fire corporation was only two blocks away, or the home would have burned down. I told Ed he was going to spend money for the current roof. Ed insisted the insurance corporation would spend money for the roof, but I shook my head. The insurance corporation was going to sue Ed for the disfigurement if it was up to me. Ed should have been more careful. Since the police already knew what happened, they wrote Ed up for the disfigurement plus shooting off fireworks within the town’s limits, which was a definite no-no. Ed couldn’t think my friend and I were going to make him reimburse the insurance corporation for the more current roof.


Roofing Replacement

By Steve