Living in an upstairs home isn’t exactly what I wanted to have growing up.

I’m pushing 50 years outdated and I’m single but can’t do much when I have neighbors that live below me. If I make too much noise, step on the wrong floor boards or invite too many of my friends, they will either call the proprietor, beat on the ceiling or call the cops. They are horrible and I always try to be nice to them but they just look at me in disgust, like I’m not worthy of their presence. It doesn’t matter anyways. The greatest thing about them living below me is that heat rises. The temperature they have their thermostat set at is ideal for me. It doesn’t matter if it’s summer time or winter, the AC or the heating system settings are perfect. I never turn on my heater so my heating and cooling bills are low all year round. I will never tell them that they are paying to keep me hot or cool. So I think I have that going for me. I’m sure if they ever found out about that they would freak out and demand the proprietor to put in extra insulation. Still, it’s hard to get friends to come over. I thought about getting a dog but I figured they would yell every day about that. So most days I’m not here unless I’m sleeping or do not want to go out and eat. A friend offered me to move in but I still like my space and privacy. And, I’m going to appreciate the heating and cooling that they provide.

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By Steve