This summer time has been record chopping in several ways.

  • I was finally able to split the record of views on my channel, plus that was a crucial blessing.

The other two records have not been quite as attractive though. My pal and I have had record rainfall this summer, plus it has left everyone irritated… Believe it or not, my friend and I have also had record temperatures. It has been quite a distraught summer time to say the least, but I have seen several people trying to make the best of it. They still swim even though it is raining almost every single morning, plus it helps keep them cool. I have tried to learn from my neighbors, so I have been swimming a whole lot more this summer time than usual. It is nice while I am in the water, however once I get out, it is irritated again. The air conditioners in my house cannot keep up with the heat of this summer. My house is supposed to be seventy degrees, however it is close to eighty because the air conditioners are having so much trouble keeping up. I am having trouble sleeping at night however I have an air conditioner in my study room. I told my mom about it the other morning when I was talking to her on the iPhone, plus she said that it was the same way in her house. I told her that my friend and I should take a trip up north to visit some extended family, however the real reason is to get out of this heat. I am blissful about the record I broke concerning the views on my channel, but I could do without the record chopping heat.

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By Steve